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About Us

Learn about us and our unique process

Lisa and Patty work together to sew Paws Pleas 'Treats your pets are begging for'.  Lisa operates the sewing machine with her head switch as Patty guides the material through.  Click to learn more about us and our unique business processes.

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We have just the products your dog needs! Check out our quality handmade dog products. Treat your pooch to a one-of-a-kind surprise, or give as a gift to a friend. All of our transactions are easy and secure. Click to shop now!

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Hunting for the Purr-fect Gift?

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Our products handmade especially for cats are guaranteed to please! We ship our products quickly and can tailor our fabrics to suit your taste. Click the image to shop for cat products now!

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Christmas Stockings

Hand-painted Christmas stockings to add cheer to your holiday season

Our Christmas stockings are made year round.  Coming soon are stockings for pet owners.  The whimsical hand-painted designs are sure to add warmth to your home each holiday season!  Click on the image to shop now.

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Welcome to Paws Pleas

Hello, I'm Lisa Willard.  I am the owner of Paws Pleas, LLC.  Several years ago I graduated from high school and with the help and encouragement from family and friends I embarked on this Paws Pleas business venture.

I was born with cerebral palsy and am not able to walk and talk like most people; however, I am able to think and work.  Over the years I have been blessed with family, friends, and teachers who have believed in me and helped me find adaptive technological devices that allow me to use the abilities I do have.  I work from my motorized wheel chair, which I absolutely enjoy driving when the opportunity arises.  My wheelchair is fitted with a head support and head switch.  The head switch is what provides me the ability to operate various electronic devices like my wheelchair, my DynaVox dedicated speaking device, our sewing machine, adaptive scissors, and more.  My switch is plugged into such devices utilizing switch interface technology.  Once plugged in I can control these devices.  My latest favorites are to chose which of our products to feature on our Facebook page, and then to play music from my library of CDs on my DynaVox.  Watch out world, here I come!

Several goals for Paws Pleas are: 1) Provide you with quality treats your beloved pets are begging for, 2) Provide myself with employment which utilizes my ability to run switch operative devices, and 3) Hopefully one day provide employment opportunities to others in my community.

Working to open the doors of Paws Pleas has been a very exciting adventure.  We officially opened our doors for business in November 2009.  This business is operated from my home with the help of family and friends.  Together we have come up with a variety of treats your pets are begging for.  Please enjoy shopping with us and let us know how you like our products.  Pictures of your pet enjoying Paws Pleas products are always a special treat we enjoy receiving.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Lisa Willard


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